Thursday, January 7, 2010

Me and My Fashionistas

I have officially reached a no-man's land moment in oldest child and I can share shoes. And I receive actually sound fashion advice from my 11 yo and 9 yo. Except my 11yo is more like her is a necessity, not a hobby. Us practical first-borns who really are more interested in kicking somebody's tail in a good tennis game. And then there are fashionistas M and SB. Especially M who spent about 5 minutes the other morning before church explaining how she "loves my curly hair but it is really big mommy and since you are up on the stage this morning, it is a distraction..." Mid-sentence I realized she sounds just like my mom. And I cracked up. This going along with the specific advice given on how I should tie my scarf to wear to church ("to church" is the pattern here because it is a special day when I wear makeup and wear something besides jeans/tshirt so any fashion advice is given when I am going to church--other days may appear hopeless to them). The advice goes something like "mommy see the neckline of your shirt is v-neck and your scarf should follow the neckline. Tie it like this. (and in no less than 10 seconds it looked perfect)." It is good to be surrounded by fashion police as long as they remain tactful. And I really shouldn't say "especially M" because I have never seen such excitement as the day SB purchased these bling-ish monogrammed "S" knee-highs which got worked into every non-uniform outfit for about 6 months at mine and P's last count. This is when you realize that they are all so different, no matter how alike you parent them. I do not think I have painted my fingernails literally in the last 10 years, and I have these kids that spend time decorating their fingernails to look like dice and think top coat is the best invention ever. And it is those moments that I realize how much of my mother is in them--and I absolutely love it. That's not "me" but it is definitely her:) And I miss her.

I think also I could make the argument that this could be the result of being confined to a uniform for school all week long, that they feel the need to prove that the fashion knowledge is there, just unable to be applied Monday thru Friday. Such a hard life they lead. And since mom is not here now to help me out in these areas where I am woefully deficient, it is a good thing she left her fashionistas behind to take up the cause. She would be proud of her girls:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's Talk about something Else...

Ok these last few months have been wretched in many ways. However, lest you think we are so beat down by life over here in Hurst that no good ever comes our way...let's talk about some things that are good, no matter how you slice it.

Christmas Snow

I have never seen four more excited children in my LIFE! Also I have never been colder in my life as I stood outside to take this picture...I would also like to have put a picture in here of some of the Christmas lights in our area, but Taylor thinks that is tacky of me. (but I do have some on my iphone if you run in to me).

Sarah Beth and Madeline's Baptism

Look at Pastor Toby, makin' the blog! Sarah Beth recently accepted Christ as her Savior and really wanted to be baptized to show others how much she loves Jesus. Madeline accepted Christ a couple of years ago, but just recently decided to get over her fear of the heater being broken in the baptistry (as it apparently was for her best friend). So she asked if she could be obedient to the Lord in being baptized as well. So check out these sisters!

Now we have tried to tone down all 3 girls and their evangelistic efforts toward Jonathan, who clearly needs a little more spiritual guidance before making important decisions such as these. For instance, he can explain it all to you, but then he holds up his fists and says really spiritual things to the girls like, "HEY! You wanna piece of me?!" and jumps around like a boxer while you are trying to be serious with him.... Which in boy talk really translates, "Would you like to play Iron Man together?" Sigh...I'm trying. Right now I am memorizing Power of a Praying Parent...

COMPLETELY unrelated thoughts~~
On a random side note, what is UP with Taco Bell trying to pass off some drive-thru diet? I am a Bueno woman myself, and cannot imagine EVER resorting to trying to convince others I am on a weight-loss effort by existing on MExi Dip and Chips, for instance. I can only see this working if you literally RAN from Taco Bell to Taco Bell consuming their Fresca menu. What is this woman on the commercial eating for breakfast? Please don't tell me they sell some sort of egg burrito there--that's just super nasty. I'll shut up now and go cheer on Tebow.