Friday, November 20, 2009

Because my husband is awesome...

he is continuing to put in the flooring. Well ok I am typing, the kids are sleeping and T is putting in the floor. That would be more accurate. Now I dusted a small area and took a pic because I am so proud of my husband! Plus this toile chair rocks because it hides all the ballpoint pen markings Jonathan added to the chair. And as a side note, Peyton just got up and observed the greatness of wood laminate and then commented that our blue chair has "seen better days". I agreed but Dave Ramsey has taught me to embrace my long-ago-paid-for blue chair that one day I will recover in a fabulous red and white buffalo check. But that would require the toile chair to also be recovered and the couch. So I think Dave's voice is shouting loudly "enough with home improvement ADD. Flee from large purchases!" Maybe that is actually my husband's voice? And while we are on the subject, my sofa has a lifesize ballpoint pen drawing of a dinosaur on the back -- also creation by Jonathan. Sigh...Which is a crack-up because he says coloring is "girly". But apparently this is not the case when ballpoint pens (both blue and red) are involved. Someday I will find the picture of him completely painted blue, which was a trick he pulled one day while I kid you not I left him for less than a minute.

I feel I must draw attention to the fact that I figured out how to put a picture on my blog, but cannot figure out how to put more than one where they don't just all line up at the top of the blog. It must be some HTML thing I will figure out later, provided I get a full nights sleep and all children remain in their own beds tonight.

Tomorrow's blog ... volleyball.

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  1. floor looks FAB. can't wait to see in person! Hope P and her girls rocked the vball tourney.