Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fine Holiday Interior Design

I have a few decorations out, lights on the house, wreath, tree, but many things I decided to not fool with this year. So your house may be more decorated than mine...BUT...do you have one of these?

This is now my centerpiece created by my children on our kitchen table. Poor Marshmallow Santa was too heavy to hang on the tree, and Madeline had some time on her hands, and this is the result. To further describe its beauty, note the Pantech cell phone box and sharpie marker labeling. And it is topped off with the fake berries I think I used to put in some garland (which is one the things I didn't fool with). Secretly you know you want one too!

Speaking of cell phone boxes, did I mention we bought the girls a phone? Ahh yes we are crazy. Actually we do not have a landline, so we bought this as our "home phone" but they think that explanation is lame so it's labeled in our contacts as "Brooks Girls" when it rings. When they opened that thing, you have never heard so much screaming since the winning of the Showcase Showdown on the Price Is Right. And it's all good except for incessantly asking to text anyone they know. I personally embrace unlimited texting on my plan, but not all agree, and we had to have a family meeting about that so as to not annoy our friends. It cracks me up because they don't take it anywhere, only call family members, and think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Lastly I will comment about Christmas Lights. For those that care. If you have known me long, you might gather that I am a bit picky about certain (all) things. So this spills over into holiday decorating or any holiday clothing (any holiday). It's an illness of mine, kind of like how I enjoy mowing, folding fitted sheets properly and vacuuming. Perhaps those will be my jobs in Heaven some day:) Anyway I should focus here... I am convinced that many people drink a six pack and then put up their lights in our area. I am being kind when I say the word Crooked. I like it when people string the lights to the end of the house and fling that strand onto a small bush a few yards away and there is this long random strand (usually blue) that seems to lead to nowhere. I have one neighbor who has one type of light on the front of the house, ran out of that type, and went with a couple of more styles on the sides. It's super classy and also very attractive in the day as well. Their last name is Griswold. lol. But I am not kidding that there is this one house where they own every single one of those blow up things, and have an actual working train and train track in their front yard. You can go by and ride in the thing, and they have a Santa who hangs out most nights for pics. It is a TRIP! It's way over the top, but I give them an A+ for gawdy and A+ for super cool (because it's not my yard to clean up). My kids think it's a rip-off that we live on a hill. That was my explanation as to why such a beautiful thing was just not possible at our house.

For those interested, I could email you instructions on how to make your very own Marshmallow Santa centerpiece, but I think it's pretty self-explanatory.


  1. Ah, now I know what I want for Christmas. I love your kids! Hope J is all well now!

  2. Hey Amy, I am glad to see that you started a blog..... I look forward to staying in touch with you by reading your posts.

    I loved reading your take on Christmas decor....it made me laugh! I have seriously thought alot of those same comments when looking at Christmas lights around here. Do you remember in high school when we went and looked at Christmas lights in Copperfield and we sat in front of that one house and literally laughed forever about all of that junk in that one yard. If I remember correctly, wasn't it something with a manger scene with everything very oddly arranged and falling down? It was clear even then how you had an eye for Christmas decorations. :)

    Looking forward to many posts to come.....