Friday, February 4, 2011

Project Central

Oh my gosh I realized today that I have about 10 unfinished projects which are causing me to grind my teeth and night. And this thing in Egypt is enough to give my Political Science major/law school drop out self a coronary. I need to turn off the tv. But now the drama about how to fix my blog title. What is up with that? It looks crazy. If you know how to fix it, I will give you my password to do so. It's a Type A nightmare...

We have so enjoyed Taylor being home with us this week. We had to close the practice for 4 (that's right FOUR) days this week. But we loved having him home to help with homeschool--the man loves all things math! Anyone who has known me for over a day knows math and I are not good friends. Math and I broke up in about the 8th grade in Mr. McLemore's pre-algebra class. But back to my super cute husband...I think the kids and I can all agree, he is seriously the funnest (I know--not a real word) person ever and so these past few days of school have been awesome.

I am surrounded by paper this week and slowly digging my way to the bottom of the stack. Should be done before I am 50.

I also planted a ROCKIN' garden the DAY before the weather (which also could be God's judgment on Jerry Jones just in time for Super Week) set in. We'll see how that turns out. Right now I can't look at it because the blankets on top of the garden are FROZEN in place. No joke. Taylor and I neither one can move them. so there ya go.

And I just helped Madeline make a blog on our her blog looks a million times better than mine...and has all manner of slideshows, itunes, blah blah blah that I don't think I can do here.

Is anyone else like me and can't feel their toes this week? Or is it just me? I am concerned for myself.

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