Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Treehouse

A couple of summers ago, Taylor built this treehouse for the kids. They play in it all the time and took great pride in making the official Welcome sign for the porchJ My precious and talented photographer friend Rhonda took some amazing pics of the kids with the treehouse. She's a genius. I would not have thought to do this, but she did. And if I can't haul this treehouse with me one day when we move from our home (supposing that we will), I will always have these. Can we all just agree that Rhonda is fabulous?!
She is taking our family pictures soon and I can't wait. We were originally scheduled to do so a while back but that was the day I "shut my head in the car door" according to the ER at Harris Hospital. For the record, I did no such thing. My car door attacked me right in the forehead, leaving me a lovely scar. There goes my career as a super model.

By the way I have no idea why the text is wacky next to that last picture. Keeping in mind I was an IT consultant for 13 years...I hate that I cannot figure this out. It keeps me humble.


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