Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hurst Happenings

Can you believe this is what they call the magazine sent out by City of Hurst? I'm just sayin' I think it is cheesy. Have I also mentioned (about a million times) that we are a "Quality of Life City"? Not really sure about that one. There's a house way down the block from me that could make that slogan debateable...but I I am cleaning. My sweet friends Elizabeth and Amy each have some of my kids for the WHOLE day:) And I think the heavy duty acidic tile cleaner from obsessing about my white grout and white tile is doing me in (yes, I know I am the floor nazi). It says to keep the area well-ventilated. I went out the garage to find my fan, and I remembered since it was dusty, I threw it away last week. Seriously who wants a dusty fan to blow dust on you? So it's history. But STINK! Today that would be better than just running the a/c fan. And because I am super obsessive (and stressed--we'll get to that in later days) it wasn't white enough so I poured bleach on it. So if I do not show up to VBS tonight, or better yet, make no sense when I am there, please intervene. My way of staying well-ventilated is to come back and forth to write this while the bleach soaks in. But I must looks good:)

And I would like to point out that you get what you pay for...please take a look at how the contractor rehung my curtains on one window in our bedroom.

Um...and that's about how well that relationship ended. That and the foot through mother's antique chair he stood on while painting. Oh and also the cash I gave him to buy supplies with last week when he finished up (since none of our doors would shut like normal people's do) and to date there is no receipt or money returned. Other than that he is just peachy.

Learned the hard way, but now I am wise beyond measure...we had Lance Webber's crew at Abba Home Improvement Professionals paint the outside of our house and hang shutters. Pure heaven! Those guys were super quick, courteous and did an AWESOME job. So from now on, that's our plan. No more broken chairs or "borrowed" money. Here's my front door...

It's my new favorite thing along with my pretty hydrangeas I was able to plant because Lance and Taylor pulled out the HIDEOUS(and please say it like the dude on Nacho Libre if you have seen that as many times as I have) holly bushes.

Now I am off to finish the bleach/acidic cleaner deadly combo. I think I need to open the doors.

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