Saturday, October 8, 2011

House Hunting with SIX PEOPLE!

Well we have decided we will all be rocking in a corner if we (I) do not receive more personal space unto ourselves (myself). Therefore, we are trying to find another house and sell this one. But it's CUTE over here on Westridge, you might say...well there's no yard and four homeschooling children (and their mother who is an only child and needs lots and lots of space) who need more edcuational space. See how good that sounds? Plus I think a cocker spaniel would be precious and we have no fence.

Well then there's Taylor who says cocker spaniels are not "boy dogs" and Jonathan doesn't want to show up somewhere with some cocker spaniel. I guess it will be my dog. But then again if this means I have to get TWO dogs, I am going to jump in a nearby lake. So there I worked out that situation. No dog. Blogging is good for me.

Several times we have gone house hunting with all 6 of us. Can you picture the scene?? Too much involvement. Are you aware that my children have become QUITE adept at navigating and It's like they've found their calling. Sidenote: we did have to have a discussion about the word realtor. See this is what homeschoolers do..."Children, the word realtor has 2 syllables, not 3. It is not real la tor." There I said it; I have done my parenting part for these children.

This however, does not solve the pronunciation crisis in our home over Nutella. Is it a long or short u sound? Does it matter since we are not european? In Texas I believe it is a short u and I am going with it.

Pray for my mind. We need to find a house and sell this one. The sign is in the yard with some snazzy flyers people keep stopping to pick up. We stalk them at the windows. And getting this house ready for a showing has taken an act of Congress. Half of what I own is in the garage because we are supposed to make it look like there's plenty of space here -- see how spacious it...OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THEIR GARAGE! Yep I am not here during the showings but this is how I picture it all going down. I am waiting for a note from someone who has been here to ask me why I have a mink coat hanging in the garage. I think I will leave a note that lets them know it was mother's. she smoked. my son has asthma. it is airing out (for 2 years). no I do need medical attention. Just need to sell the house.

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