Monday, November 21, 2011

I have lost my ever lovin' mind

I seriously posted today on fb that I got the packing tape, walked into the garage. looked around. went back inside. And that pretty much sums it up. I have put in a call to Deana "packing wizard" Kennedy for advice. She will have a game plan. I feel it.

Part of the issue is the garage. Where I have come face to face with the reality of being an only child. Half of the garage belongs to mother, which now belongs to me. I have dug around in several of the boxes for one item or another for 2 years now. And from time to time the girls or J miss something of hers and we hunt it down and bring it inside. Like their special popcorn bowl from her house.

It's in disarray. Here....enjoy this chaos.

I want to pack it "correctly" so I don't have to keep reliving 2009 all over again. Of course, there's the cold weather, which means my garage door doesn't go up. Reason #209 for moving. That makes the garage colder than outside. Yet my children are outside in the yard like it is 105 degrees. I have no recollection of ever being able to do that. I would be a horrible northerner. A complainer and horrible witness due to my grief over cold weather. I think that is why God put me in the South. Pretty sure.

So after you have seen the garage you might now understand my state of panic. Needless to say we are taking the week off from school in order to pack. Which you can see I am busy doing. I've done everything to avoid it -- I even went to Sam's, which is a world class whippin'. End of story.

Trying to decide what color toile wallpaper to put in the new dining room. Toile wallpaper follows me wherever I go. It is happy. Currently the dining room there is purple and blue. ummmm....end of story there too.

Any packing strategies, or encouragement for surviving this are welcome. I think I am out of options because for my last attempt at avoiding packing cost me dearly. I had to be a patient for Jonathan while he was a "dentist." Scary.

And the phone is ringing and it's Deana! Must go to receive some wisdom:)

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