Tuesday, April 27, 2010

VH1 Classic and other happy things...

I was asked to make a list recently of "Things that make me happy." It's been a long time since I did anything like that; usually it's something asking me what brings me joy--which is not necessarily happiness--so I felt a little superficial filling it out. But I had a hard time coming up with things at first, feeling selfish...but of course, it got easier...and I realized I don't do half or even a third of these things because I forget about me. I should remember these things on the list keep me sane, not necessarily selfish. They are in no particular order, and I plan on continuing to add to it.

1. VH1 Classic (specifically One-Hit Wonders). My children can appreciate the greatness of hits of the 80's. I am proud.
2. Gardening. I am a plant geek and would dig in the dirt all day if I didn't have so much laundry and children to pick up at school, and other necessary things:)
3. Taking a nap on a float in a pool. This accomplishes two things at once, which also makes me happy--tanning and resting. Fabulous.
4. Scrapbooking. To clearly state how much I neglect myself, I will share with you I am still on 2006, and have not even blown the dust off of the baby book that is my son's. Not opened even once.
5. Hearing the dishwasher at night. See again I am multitasking but it's kind of like falling asleep to rain (except when plates are clanging together).
6. Pretty paper and fabric and wallpaper. I am certain that in heaven my mansion has red and yellow toile in it:) Maybe even from Calico Corners?
7. Antique furniture (although I am currently the only female alive who has gone to Canton and returned home with absolutely NOTHING. I'm not much for shopping in a ten mile radius. I can't stay driven enough to finish and focus. Plus I am big on clean. And I think it's a little dirty. And that pet area????!)
8. Running
9. Clean floors (I think this is ocd actually)
10. Tennis. Btw my girls rock at tennis, which is super cool to me.
11. Going on a date with Taylor. Actually anything about Taylor is fabulous. My husband is dreamy and absolutely my favorite person on this earth.
12. Container Store...it, along with the Vera Bradley store, is super happy. An organizational Disneyland. (also ocd)
13. Reading a passage of Scripture for the millionth time and hearing God speak through it over and over in a new way. On a side note, I have never once finished a Beth Moore Bible study. Something always happens. One day I will...
14. Baseball and football. I'm a sports fan but don't care much for basketball.
15. Playing the piano.
16. Enjoying God reveal my children's strengths and weaknesses to me. They are getting old enough now to see what God may do in their lives because of how He has made them. It fascinates me.
17. Sour Patch Kids.

I love this list. It fills me with gratitude:) And makes me want to go to Walgreen's for some Sour Patch Kids...


  1. Good to hear from you....I love your list! I totally agree about Canton. I, too, went and came home with nothing. I am not big on shopping in dirt and buying turkey legs on a stick of lunch! Lots of the things on your list make me happy too!

    Hope things are going well for you!

  2. Love your happy list and think that you totally deserve to do all those things that make you happy! Aren't sour patch kids the best!

  3. I beg to differ, Mrs. Brooks. I think you have "finished" a Beth Moore study, in a cliff notes version sorta way.

    Fabulous list--great thing to do, and fully endorse you doing all 17 of these in a single day!